Tesla update lets you lock Sentry Mode/TeslaCam storage in glovebox – Electrek

Tesla is updating the interior of the Model 3 to let owners lock their Sentry Mode/TeslaCam storage device in the glovebox.

Sentry Mode is Tesla’s integrated surveillance system inside its vehicles using the Autopilot cameras around the car to record potential vandalism or other incidents.

Tesla owners have to plug a storage device in one of the USB ports in the center console and footage recorded by Sentry Mode and TeslaCam, the automaker’s dashcam feature, will be stored on it.

The feature was first launched after thieves, especially in the Bay Area, started targeting Tesla vehicles – resulting in a stream of cars left with broken windows and valuables missing.

It helped police catch thieves, but some were concerned about thieves catching up to the system and stealing the storage device with the footage of the break-in.

Now we learn that Tesla is introducing a solution with the new Model 3 2021 refresh that we have been reporting on over the last few days.

Tesla has updated the glovebox to now get a USB port on the top left corner of it, according to a picture of the updated design seen by Electrek.

The new port is going to connect to Tesla’s MCU and enable Tesla owners to use with a storage device, like a portable SSD, in order