BMW writes code of ethics for AI in collaboration with the EU – BMWBLOG

Artificial intelligence has been the topic of countless Sci-Fi movies. There have been nearly ten Terminator movies or television shows so far, all using the same theory: AI will mean the demise of our race. While some have been saying that is a possibility, others have been quick to dismiss such claims. What is pretty obvious though, is that the advances made in the field cannot be ignored anymore, there are real concerns and we need to be prepared for whatever the future holds.

Thankfully, some companies working with AI are taking the concerns surrounding AI seriously. BMW has decided to take a first step in the right direction and, even though AI today is far from what people imagine based on the aforementioned Hollywood movies, the German brand decided to write an ethics code for the future. Right now, the Bavarian brand is already relying on some form of AI, to generate added value for customers, products, employees and processes. And while the applications may change over time, BMW says its focus will always be on people.

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