Turkey among possible destinations for Volkswagen’s MAN factory move Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

German automotive giant Volkswagen AG’s interest in Turkey seems yet to be over although it has dropped its plans for a new factory in the country back in July, as it is now on the forefront with its truck company MAN. It is among the possibilities that the German carmaker may consider moving its truck and bus factories in Germany and Austria to Turkey.

The Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey (TAYSAD) Chairperson Alper Kanca, reminding that Volkswagen AG did not make a statement regarding these discussions, said that on the other hand, some statements reflected in the media point out that the factories that are to be closed in Munich and Steyr are expected to be moved to Poland and Turkey.

The decision to close factories in Austria’s Steyr and Germany’s Munich has already caused protests in the cities as employees demonstrated and marched against the possible closure decision which is set to leave thousands unemployed.

Approximately 7,000 people are facing the possibility of being unemployed in Germany and 2,300 people at the MAN plant in Austria. Turkish origin citizens residing in Germany were also among the protestors while some of the expatriates are already thinking of moving back to Turkey. The situation, in a way, stirs an irony in itself since those Turkish groups went to Germany to work in similar factories years ago. They are now preparing for a return with the factory’s relocation plan. The company’s human resources units also support this plan as they do not want