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2021 Honda Forza 750 First Look
2021 Honda Forza 750

The 2021 Honda Forza lineup of scooters includes two new models and an upgrade to an existing model. The biggest news in this trio of scooters destined for European dealerships is the 2021 Honda Forza 750, which uses a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) rather than a scooter-traditional continuously variable belt-drive transmission (CVT). Let’s look at each new Forza.2021 Honda Forza 750Powered by a parallel twin powerplant focused on torque production rather than high-rpm horsepower, the 750cc motor is matched to a DCT. The Forza 750 is a high-tech design, with ride-by-wire, multiple engine models, and switchable traction control, but that’s just a start.The Honda Smartphone Voice Control system debuts on the 2021 Forza 750. Pairing your smartphone to the scooter, the app lets you use your voice to control incoming phone calls, texts, music, and navigation. If you don’t like using your voice, buttons on the left handlebar replicate the actions.Honda positions the Forza 750 as a Gran Turismo scooter. In addition to the power offered by a 750cc twin, Honda touts the Forza 750 has having “sporty, agile handling.” Additionally, the chassis has plenty of legroom and wind protection and