BMW plug-in hybrids recalled due to fire risk – Automotive News Europe

BMW has recalled 26,900 plug-in hybrids globally after discovering a problem within the battery that could potentially cause a fire.

The models span BMW’s extensive range of plug-in hybrids, from the 2-Series Active Tourer to the 7-Series flagship sedan, and are “mostly” in Europe the company said, without giving a number.

Fewer than a third of the affected models have been delivered to customers, while the rest are still at dealerships, a spokesman for the brand said.

“Internal analysis has shown that in very rare cases particles may have entered the battery during the production process,” the brand said a statement. “When the battery is fully charged this could lead to a short circuit within the battery cells, which may lead to a fire.”

The cars were built between January 20 and September 18 this year. The recall includes the 330e, which was the No. 4- selling plug-in hybrid in Europe through seven months, figures from market research JATO show. The call back also includes the Countryman from BMW’s sister brand, Mini.

In August, BMW initiated a separate recall of 4,460 plug-in hybrids, also to correct a problem with the battery.

“It is not the same fault as in August. But the root cause is similar: irregularities during the production process of the battery,” the spokesman said.

BMW would not reveal the name of the battery supplier, but media reports say it is Samsung.

Although the recall will delay the delivery of the plug-in hybrids, BMW said it still expects to reach its