Mountain Wheels: Tricked-out TRD version of Toyota’s Avalon flagship is a unique machine – Summit Daily News

With a race-tuned suspension, loads of aerodynamic tweaks and racer-boy looks, the full-sized Toyota Avalon TRD is an interesting experiment in style.
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It’s kind of hard to tell if the very aggressively restyled and buffed-out TRD version of the Toyota Avalon (which debuted last year — hang around for some news about the 2021 models) is a totally cool idea, or completely insane.

At its core, it seems to accomplish what did not seem like a really big request on the part of those familiar with Toyota’s full-size sedan: What if we made an Avalon look like a really large, actually five-passenger-friendly version of a Subaru WRX STI, with red seatbelts, throaty exhaust and a truckload of aerodynamic tweaks?

Avalon and Camry were chosen last year as the first Toyota automobiles to get what is more typically a performance and appearance upgrade for trucks and SUVs from the Toyota Racing Development team, and the results are indeed polarizing — mostly because extra power wasn’t part of the deal.

2020 was the 25th year for Avalon, with a fifth-generation vehicle introduced a year earlier, and the new, lightweight platform and vastly improved looks definitely made it a good candidate for a largely aesthetic but still pretty cool upgrade.

The chassis has indeed been tuned aggressively and lowered slightly for a stiffer and more responsive ride and larger front brakes added. Compared