2020 Volkswagen Amarok Still Impresses from Afar – Car and Driver

A few years ago, we asked a Volkswagen executive why the Amarok pickup truck wasn’t offered in the United States, where pickups are a default mode of personal transportation. His answer: It’s too good and, therefore, too expensive. He added that if VW had partnered with one of the established truck manufacturers, it could be a different story.

In the United Kingdom, the Amarok’s base price was about $35,000 before taxes and destination charges, stretching to around $52,500 for a top-of-the-line Aventura model with the most powerful engine. You can see how that would be a tough ask in the U.S., where a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 costs less than $45,000.

The Amarok’s premium price reflects the ambitions of former CEO Ferdinand PiĆ«ch, who commissioned the project to get VW into the mid-size pickup market. Typical of mid-2000s Volkswagen, the company chose the most difficult path, designing the Amarok from scratch. Now, a decade after its introduction, the Amarok has reached the end of its life cycle as the remaining stock in the European market dwindles. The factory where it’s built, in Hanover, is switching over to produce the new Multivan and electric ID. Buzz, and import tariffs make it prohibitively expensive to import the Amarok from VW’s plant in Argentina. The Amarok will continue to be built and sold in South America, though, for a few