GM to produce Honda and Acura electric vehicles in Mexico and Tennessee in 2023-24 – Electrek

GM is set to produce a Honda-branded electric vehicle and an Acura-branded electric crossover in Mexico and Tennessee starting in 2023.

GM and Honda

GM and Honda have an ongoing relationship around electrification. This includes work on the Cruise Origin, an electric, self-driving vehicle, which was revealed in San Francisco earlier this year. Honda also joined GM’s battery module development efforts in 2018.

Last year, they announced an expansion of their cooperation that would include GM building two new electric vehicles for Honda using their new Ultium electric powertrain technology.

Not much has been known about those two electric vehicles, but we are getting some additional details.

One Honda EV and One Acura EV

Automotive News reports that the vehicles will be crossovers, one branded Honda and the other Acura, and they will be produced in Mexico and Tennessee, respectively:

Production of the Honda crossover is slated to begin in 2023 in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, where GM builds the gasoline-powered Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox, the sources said. Automotive News reported last year that GM likely would retool Ramos Arizpe Assembly for EV production by 2024, but GM has not confirmed the plans.

Production of the Acura crossover is scheduled to begin in 2024 in Spring Hill, Tennessee, according to the sources, who asked not to be identified discussing future product plans. The Honda and Acura models are expected to be roughly the size of the Lyriq, which is scheduled to go on sale