Honda Should Electrify a New S2000 – Car and Driver

There’s a magic that happens when nostalgia and engineering come together in perfect harmony. Vehicles long thought dead can be resurrected to the joy of new and old fans alike.

The Toyota Supra and Ford Bronco, for example. But there’s also another trend to consider, one that GM recently jumped electrode-first into. By relaunching the Hummer as an electric vehicle, the automaker hit two important marks: It stirred emotions and gave GM a bold new platform for the electrified future it’s building.

Honda could do the same thing. Honda should do the same. But not with a bloated pickup. Instead it should turn to one of the greatest Honda vehicles ever to grace U.S. soil, the S2000.

In its heyday, the naturally aspirated S2000 was a technological marvel. Pulling 240 horsepower out of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine was a huge deal in the early 2000s. Using technology to make the engine as efficient as possible made the S2000 special. That same drive could be what makes an EV S2000 exactly what Honda and the rest of us need right now: an EV that’s fun for the sake of fun. A top-down, rear-wheel-drive machine that is pumped full of torque and jubilation. The wind in your hair as you drift around the parking lot in your mostly quiet roadster built by a company known for quality.