Tesla Is Voltage Capping Panasonic Battery Packs To Match LG’s – InsideEVs

On December 28, we told you that a youtuber claimed Tesla range gains were not related to efficiency improvements, as some thought. The most likely explanation was an increase in battery capacity. Tesla Killer promised a second video with more findings about that. Although we thought it was an answer to the range increases, it is actually about how Tesla deals with its few suppliers.

Panasonic is the company that sells Tesla batteries for the Fremont factory. In China, Tesla buys the batteries for the Model 3 Long Range from LG Energy Solution and the Standard Range Plus from CATL (LFP batteries).

tesla model 3 white

While the Panasonic battery pack has 82 kWh, the one made by LG delivers only 77 kWh. When it comes to nominal capacity, the Panasonic battery pack would be able to use 80 kWh of its 82 kWh, and LG uses 74.5 kWh. In Europe, where both battery packs can be found on the Long Range, they present the same range – which is really weird. 

With such a difference in capacity, the Model 3 Long Range with Panasonic cells should have more range than those with the LG batteries. After checking car data and the constant Tesla uses to determine the range – the same one for