BMW Posts Bizarre Teaser For New iDrive System – CarBuzz

The video takes place at BMW Welt in Germany and features two employees tasked with parking the new iX on a platform. A 2001 BMW 7 Series (760Li), which was the first car to feature iDrive, needs to be moved out of the way first, but as the two employees leave, the car comes alive like a scene out of Toy Story. The 7 Series acts curmudgeonly towards the iX, calling it a “whippersnapper” and confirming that only cars in production are allowed on the platform. “No toy cars allowed,” it says angrily.

The iX then comes alive, calling the 7 Series “grandpa” and saying that “your time is over.” There’s a bit of back and forth between the two, with some Millennial-inspired digs such as “of course you don’t understand, it’s impossible to talk to your generation.”