BMW Is Dropping Dual-Clutch Transmissions for 8-Speed Automatics, Even in M Cars – The Drive

If you’re a fan of BMW’s dual-clutch transmission, you should probably grab an M2 before the next generation 2-series drops. BMW is ditching its dual-clutch transmissions across its line-up in favor of traditional torque-converter eight-speed automatic transmissions, reports BMW Blog. (Yes, even in the M cars.)

BMW’s seven-speed M dual-clutch transmission had many fans over the years as a way to hold up the marque’s old “ultimate driving machine” ethos without nuking your left leg in traffic. It shifted faster than you could, allowed you more control than most traditional automatics, and for many fans, its teardrop-shaped gear selector was as easy to use as it was visually pleasing. Yet a BMW representative confirmed to The Drive that none of the cars in BMW’s upcoming lineup—including those from its go-fast M division—will have the DCT. 

Fortunately, the BMW spokesperson also confirmed that a six-speed manual will remain an option. However, in place of the DCT on the options